Get ready for PONK, a video game experience which brings you into a crazy digital playground. Defeat your opponent with your best moves and trap him with a well-placed plot ! The game features a unique mix of touchless and tangible gameplay powered by the motion detection device Microsoft Kinect. Definitly fun oriented, PONK brings the users into a new digital experience by providing an interactive platform combining a 2D playground and 3D "reactive" physical objects, creating a highly responsive and addictive game. The screen of 52 inches extends even further the immersion of both players and spectators into the match.
PONK is an experimental project started in 2011 by Jonathan Da Costa and Florence Rampin. We hope to take the concept further by creating other games using the same installation. This initiative represents a self-oriented work to explore new ways of interactions through innovation. We are now looking for exhibitions and events partners to promote our installation. We also welcome business partnerships.

For any question, please contact us by sending an email at
Ponk won the "Heart Bit" at &TheBitGoesOn festival. #happy

We were part of the Adobe "Back From Max" event in Paris. Great time there, thanks to Adobe crew :)

Our new site is online, enjoy !
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